Three Step Formula for Online Social Media Business #Success @Bench

So, here's the three-step formula for online social media success: Product. Begin with a quality product or service that provides something valuable that people need. It helps if you're cheerful, competent, caring, professional, attentive, passionate, responsive, and dedicated. Website. Setup an elegant, visually appealing, simple website that offers a clear call to action. Outreach. Utilize … Continue reading Three Step Formula for Online Social Media Business #Success @Bench

Shutterstock Best Practices

Using Stock Photo Websites When using a stock photography service like Shutterstock, follow these general guidelines. While these suggestions primarily apply to Shutterstock, they will be applicable to other services. Daily Plan Have a daily plan to download as many photos as your subscription will allow. Don't wait until you need images to  use your subscription. … Continue reading Shutterstock Best Practices

Enterprise Event Promotion Websites

Introduction For larger enterprises, businesses, and educational institutions, there are a variety of options for promoting conferences, workshops, and other events. This page describes some of those options. Using Existing Infrastructure Most larger organizations have departmental categories or sub-pages within their larger website. Within these it's possible to create informational pages to promote and facilitate … Continue reading Enterprise Event Promotion Websites