Site Cost

One of the most common requests I get is to provide a website bid or estimate. There are many factors that determine the time and expense of creating or redesigning a site. The first step is to complete the Service Request Form. Because the cost is a function of how much time is required, it helps to know how much time, staffing, and expertise the customer is able to dedicate to the project.  These are just some of the questions that need to be answered when determining the cost of designing a website.

Written Content

With some website projects, the written content for the various pages is already available. This saves time and money. If help is needed in writing pages for the site, that will require additional time and expense.

Visual Content

Graphic design work can be time consuming, and finding the right stock photography, or taking photos, can be costly. If you have quality visual content already, that can save several hundred dollars.

Development Cost

The cost of the website will mostly depend on how much of my time goes into creating it. That includes phone calls, emails, travel, and meetings related to planning, additions, modifications, and redesigns.

I offer discounts and grants to qualifying individuals and organizations.

I also look for ways to train you and engage you in the development process. This can reduce the cost considerably.

Hosting Fees

In addition to my hourly rates, you’ll pay for hosting fees. The sites shown on my portfolio page are about $80 a year for domain registration and hosting, with almost 200 customizable themes. Self-hosting of a WordPress site can cost about $120 to $300 per year. It’s a little more complicated, yet offers more themes and greater customization.


Free themes work well, yet it’s sometimes wise to pay for a commercially supported theme. This can cost $50 or more and offers expanded support from the developers of the theme.

My Rates

Each year I discover increasingly cost effective ways to run my business. So, I pass the savings on to you and generally charge less today than what was charged in the past. My current rate structure is as follows:

  • Personal Services: $100 per hour for on-site or phone support. Time billed includes round-trip travel time and 50 cents per mile.
  • Business Services: $120 per hour for on-site or phone support. Time billed includes round-trip travel time and 50 cents per mile.

I work efficiently and creatively, using a variety of tools, and draw from over 20 years of experience. So, something I accomplish in 10 hours may have taken someone else with less experience 20 hours or more to accomplish.

* Rates are based on the ResourcesForLife universal rates.