Discounts and Grants

10% Volume Discount

For every 10 hours of support, the 10th hour is free (within a 30-day period). So, that’s a $100 to $120 value for our regular customers. This also applies when when 10 hours are paid in advance (even if used over more than 30 days).

Positive Community Impact Package – $500

For projects and initiatives that demonstrate the potential for having a positive impact on the community, we offer a special flat rate of $500 which includes additional promotion and marketing services such as printing and Facebook Page management. For facebook advertising, these costs need to be reimbursed unless we decide to contribute additional funds to expand reach.

Positive Community Impact Grant – FREE

For smaller organizations, as we’re able, we will pay for website setup, hosting, and site management. An example of this would be the website. This includes perpetual hosting, site maintenance, content writing, and social network integration with organic site content growth based on feedback.

Positive Community Impact Grant Recipients

The following websites were awarded the Positive Community Impact Grant. The initial and/or ongoing maintenance cost of the website is contributed for free or at a significant discount.


Note: In 2016, our rates increased to $80 per hour for personal sites and $100 per hour for business/organization websites. In 2017, our rates increased to $100 per hour for personal sites and $120 for business organization websites.