Why and How to Link your Facebook Page to Twitter

Why Link your Facebook Page to Twitter

When you link your Facebook Page to Twitter, it means that all your posts to that page get automatically announced (tweeted) on Twitter. So, if you’re into growing a social media presence, and sharing quality content, this helps you do it twice as fast.

How to Link your Facebook Page to Twitter

  1. Login to your Facebook account.
  2. Create a page if you haven’t done so already. This is different than your personal page, it’s a page that you create for a business, organization, cause, or for some other purpose.
  3. Make sure you’re at your own Facebook account page and not logged into the page you created in step #2.
  4. Login to Twitter, or create an account if you don’t already have one. Make sure that you’re using a Twitter account that’s specialized and dedicated to a specific topic — not your own personal Twitter account, but another one  you setup for the purpose of promoting the business, organization, cause, or other purpose described in step #2.
  5. While logged into your desired Twitter account, and logged into Facebook in another browser tab, go to the Facebook.com/twitter page and select the page you want to connect to the currently active (logged in) Twitter account.

When you make the connection in step #5 above, that page will now be connected to the Twitter account and posts will be automatic now. If you want to post something to Twitter, you need only post it on your Facebook page and it will show up in both places.

Auto Posting From Your Website

As if the above wasn’t good enough… If you connect your website to your Facebook page, it will post automatically to Facebook and Twitter whenever you post content to  your website. So, the entire social media effort is automated.


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