SOLVED: Divi WordPress Theme Parallax Working for Firefox and Chrome

Version 3.19.3 of the Divi WordPress Theme from Elegant Themes has a parallax feature that is visible for users of the Safari browser on Apple Mac computers. However, it seems that the default native settings of the Divi theme result in an implementation of parallax that isn’t viewable for users of Firefox and Chrome browsers. Presumably this is also an issue for previous versions of Divi.

Follow these steps to correct this problem:

  1. From your WordPress Dashboard click on Divi in the left column. This should display the General tab of the Divi Theme Options.
  2. Scroll down to the Custom CSS options box at the bottom of the page.
  3. Enter the following code in the Custom CSS options box:

.et_pb_section_parallax .et_pb_parallax_css, .et_pb_slides .et_parallax_bg.et_pb_parallax_css {
transform: none;

Press the Save Changes button to confirm and save the Custom CSS code entered. Now the parallax effect should work in Firefox and Chrome. The parallax feature will still not work on iOS devices like iPad or iPhone.

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