Three Step Formula for Online Social Media Business #Success @Bench

So, here’s the three-step formula for online social media success:

  1. Product. Begin with a quality product or service that provides something valuable that people need. It helps if you’re cheerful, competent, caring, professional, attentive, passionate, responsive, and dedicated.
  2. Website. Setup an elegant, visually appealing, simple website that offers a clear call to action.
  3. Outreach. Utilize the blog feature of your website and provide meaningful high quality actionable content that people will appreciate and share with others. This will result in people subscribing, following, liking, and returning to your site for more quality content. Have a subtle and non-intrusive advertisement or invitation that visitors reading your blog will see that notifies them of the product or service you sell (almost like a sponsor or underwriter ad on public radio).

Want an example?

Here’s an excellent article on the website that offers great suggestions for success while subtly mentioning their bookkeeping service.


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