Table to Table Website Upgrade by Vortex Business Solutions

So, here’s something for your daily dose of inspiration.

What if local business professionals and consulting firms started giving away their services to local non-profit groups?

Even doing this on a limited basis as they could afford to do so, cumulatively and collectively, this would be a lot of support to public interest groups and positive change for our community. To some extent this is being done, in a variety of ways. Yet, Vortex Business Solutions recently took things up a notch by giving Table to Table a major website upgrade as part of their annual SEVA award.

“It’s inspiring. I think this recent initiative by Vortex Business Solutions raises the bar for all of us in the Iowa City area, to see how we can do even more for the local groups and non-profits engaged in making our community a better place to live.” ~ Greg Johnson,

Below is the press release describing the project. Congratulations and thanks to Vortex Business Solutions for bringing some inspiration and motivation to Iowa City area consultants.

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Vortex Business Solutions Launches SEVA Project Website Table to Table

Vortex Business Solutions, Inc. is honored to announce the launch of the new website.

Table to Table, A Food Rescue Organization, was awarded the Free Web Design Seva Project. Table to Table is an outstanding corridor non-profit organization that reaches out to help countless people in Johnson County. Through volunteerism and feeding those in need, Table to Table exhibits the true spirit of Seva: Selfless Service.

“Table to Table wishes to thank Jonathan Sabin and everyone at Vortex Business Solutions for redesigning our website. Through their SEVA Project, Table to Table was selected to receive a professional web makeover. All work was generously donated by Vortex. The staff did an outstanding job and we are very excited with the results! We couldn’t do what we do without the support of the community and we are truly grateful to Vortex for all they have done to make this a wonderful website.” Bob Andrlik, Executive Director

Vortex web development contributors include: Karrington Mohr, Molly Cook,Jonathan Sabin, Cody Bontrager, Justin Sines, Karen Lamer, Sean Matthews, Tess Butterman and Chuck Kelsey.

The Vortex Seva project creates a state of the art, fully responsive and mobile compliant website for a deserving non-profit on a yearly basis. Vortex Business Solutions is an Iowa City based full-service web development firm making websites and online Ecommerce business portals since 1996.


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