Network Solutions Service Renewal for .INFO Domain Names

If you’re a Network Solutions customer, you may have noticed a bill recently for renewal of your .INFO domain name.

A few years ago, Network Solutions was giving all of their customers the .INFO extensions for “free” — at least for an initial period. Then they began to charge at the time of renewal.

Larger companies probably overlooked the details of these smaller renewal fees and just paid them. Inexperienced users probably weren’t sure what the renewal was for, but out of fear that they’d mess up something important, they paid them.

So, before you pay for another year of domain registration fees for a domain name you’re not using, take a look in your Network Solutions account under your domains and see if you’re paying for .INFO website extensions. If you are, and you’re not using them, you may want to consider cancelling them, or disabling the auto-renew.

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