Vortex Web Design Iowa City Gets Responsive

Vortex Business Solutions in Iowa City has a very nice website with responsive design, parallax effect, and other elements that make it a great example of excellent modern design.

With the parallax effect, as you scroll down the page, the top layer of images and text seems to move independently of the background layers of images. It’s a good sample of what’s considered the latest in web design.

Here are some things to take note of when exploring their site:

  • Dramatic Opening. The opening page is simple and elegant with the business name and logo on top of a unique photo.
  • Anchored Navigation. Depending on the device you’re on, or how large your browser window is, you may or may not see the navigation menu, but as you scroll down it will appear and then anchor to the top of the page as you continue scrolling down the page.
  • Dynamic Scrolling. As you click on navigation menu options, the page scrolls to the correct location for what you’ve selected. The single page site has become a more popular design.
  • Staff Photos. The staff photos are almost all professional portraits that look great.
  • Focused and Minimal. The section immediately below the welcome page (shown below) presents the six areas the business focuses on. Clearly recognizable images with a few words describing each area in large fonts make it easy to see what’s available.
  • Responsive Design. As you resize your browser window, or view the site on a phone or tablet, you’ll notice it adapts to optimally fit the screen.

In all, it’s nice site design that’s easy to navigate, and not overburdened with too much information. It’s designed to generate a customer contact.

Vortex is one of the best web design firms in the area.

How do I know?

They are my competition.



2 thoughts on “Vortex Web Design Iowa City Gets Responsive

    • Sure! You and your team are an inspiration. I’ve actually been ‘loosing’ a few bids to you, but I actually don’t mind because I trust you all to do a great job and give people great value. As you might imagine, I’m keeping busy anyway. I want to make sure people really think through what consulting team is a good fit for them. That’s what really matters in the long run, and often your team ends up being a really good fit for some of the people who approach me to do web design, graphic design, and business development.

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