WordPress.com Contact Form Email Routing Recipient

This is a support article for using the Contact Form available with WordPress.com or with JetPack on a WordPress.org self-hosted site. The instructions here describe how to customize the email address that submitted contact forms are sent to.

You’ll notice that the option to add a Contact Form isn’t available in the new WordPress.com editor. It’s only available in the original editor. The old editor is available when viewing the listing of all Pages or Posts. From there editing an item or creating a new one takes you to the old editor.

When you create a new Contact Form, the following screen will show up.


Above is the default Contact Form with the website field removed. Notice there’s a tab for Email Notifications. Click that tab to reveal the form below and enter the email address where you’d like the email delivered. Notice that some email services let you forward all received messages to one or more people. So, you could send the forms to that address, and then have the contact form forwarded to several people you designate.


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