Divi Version 2.4 Features

Here’s the recent Divi announcement on the Elegant Themes blog:

This is a monumental update, including over 1,000 new module design settings and theme customizer controls, as well as an all-new fluid grid and a re-imagined set of flexible modules that are more versatile and easy-to-customize than ever. These ultra-customizable layouts are also easier than ever to use thanks to the Divi Library, an all new way to save, use and organize your own collection of Divi Builder layouts. Say hello to your new web design toolkit.

All of the amazing things we have added to the Divi Builder are even more wonderful when you consider that the Divi Builder has now been extended to all post types. The builder is no longer limited to pages, meaning you are free to use the builder to create beautiful blog posts too!

Divi Version 2.4 Overview

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H3rQg9pu4Mg?rel=0]

What Makes Divi Special?

Most WordPress themes are fairly limited templates which generally work okay, but don’t allow significant customization. Page content is usually restricted to a wide column of primary text and a side column for widgets and navigation.

A Framework is a common background customization pane where users can change global site configuration settings. These settings sometimes work with several themes from the same provider.

Advanced themes and framework systems create an additional layer of customizability on top of the WordPress platform. Pages can have multiple columns and many widgets placed independently on the page. There are only a few high quality WordPress framework theme providers. One of them is Elegant Themes. Their most powerful theme is called Divi and it was just recently updated to 2.4 version.

Click here to view a demo of the Divi theme.




Elegant Themes Releases Divi 2.4 for WordPress

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