Network Solutions SiteLock Website Security 1-Year Free Then Paid Subscription

On 29 May 2015, Network Solutions notified their customers that they would be offering website security and scanning services for free.*

Below is the large bold print of this new service plan:

With cyber attacks on the rise, it is more important than ever to have a strong defense. Network Solutions® has partnered with SiteLock, a global leader in website security to keep your hosting package secure.

The new security features you get include:

Daily Malware Scanning
Monthly security health check alerts + immediate notification of any issues
Security dashboard so you can track problems
Website Trust Seal so your customers know your site is secure

Your site will be scanned daily. You will receive a health check each month and will be notified immediately of any issues or problems that have been detected. If you have any questions please call 1-866-391-4357 and we will glad to assist.

Thank you for choosing Network Solutions.

You may have noticed an asterisk next to the word ‘free’ in the notice from Network Solutions. The asterisk conveys there are some hidden details.

Upon reading the fine print, you’ll notice that in a year, the service will end. It’s possible that no reminder will be given at that time. Or, perhaps an offer will be extended to continue the service for a fee. Here’s the actual contract Network Solutions has automatically enrolled you in (emphasis added for easier reading):

*The SiteLock promotion provides Customer with the Service at no additional cost with the purchase of any of our shared hosting package. The Service will be managed by SiteLock for one year from the date the Service is added to your shared hosting package. The Service will not be automatically renewed at the end of one year. Customer may cancel the Service prior to the end of the promotional period or at any time thereafter by contacting Network Solutions customer support at 1-866-391-4357.

There are many forms of vulnerability that could harm your site. SiteLock finds, fixes and helps prevent malware and other threats from affecting websites and their visitors. While SiteLock makes every effort to keep your site clean they cannot 100% guarantee they will be able to catch and remove all malware from your site.

Please do not reply to this email. Replying to this email will not secure your services. Please review our Privacy Policy for any questions related thereto and please see our terms and conditions governing Network Solutions products and services.

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