Social Network Sharing Buttons


Sharing Buttons on websites make it possible for site visitors to quickly and easily share content with friends. Although share buttons look similar, there are generally two kinds of share buttons.These are described below.

Your Feed or Page Buttons

Some buttons, when clicked, will take a site visitor to your Facebook Page, Twitter Feed, Pinterest Board, or other social network pages. Once the person lands on that page, they can subscribe or like as they desire. These share buttons are usually at the very top of a site or in the footer.

Visitor’s Social Network Connections

Another category of sharing buttons are ones that don’t connect users to your own page or feed. Instead, they are automatically connected to your site visitor’s social networking accounts. Simply clicking Like on one of these buttons, for example, will post a message to their own personal feed indicating that they like your website or article. This category of share buttons are usually found at the very bottom or top of an article on a site.

Website Traffic from Sharing Buttons

If you notice website traffic from sharing buttons, it’s likely that someone else it promoting your website through buttons appearing on their own sites. Maybe they are promoting an article on your site because they like it. You’ll get site visitors as a result.

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