WordPress.com Twenty Fourteen Theme Facebook Like Box Widget Optimal Settings

If you’re using the Twenty Fourteen theme hosted by WordPress.com and would like to use the Facebook Like Box widget, the following settings seem to work best.

  • Placement: Content Sidebar (the wide right column area)
  • Width: 300px
  • Height: 290px
  • Color Scheme: Light
  • Show Faces: checked
  • Show Border: checked

The above settings produce a Facebook Like box similar to the one shown below.


It is sometimes difficult to get the “Facebook social plugin” text to appear at the bottom of the box. This additional text and logo helps make the widget look more professional and authentic.

Because the Twenty Fourteen theme is responsive, as soon as the width of the browser window is reduced, the Facebook Like Box resizes, the profile picture columns will be altered, and some of the profile pictures will be only partially showing. For static themes, this generally isn’t an issue, but for responsive themes, depending on how they handle widget columns, this can be an issue.