BlueHost WordPress Install Database Failure

If you’re setting up a WordPress installation on BlueHost using the Mojo Marketplace, you may get an error message stating:

“Error. Sorry, it looks like we can’t create a database for this script. You’ll need to manually create a database and enter your credentials.”

Changing the Site Name or Title may help with this error. Try using a shorter site name. You can change it later.

The manual setup of a MySQL database requires more advanced skills than most people have. If you choose manual installation, you’ll get a message stating:

“WARNING!!! Before you complete this page, please make sure you create the database on your server (or that the database information you have provided here already exists on your server). If this database does not already exist, THIS INSTALLATION WILL FAIL. If you want us to create the database, you MUST CHECK THE BOX above.”

However, checking the box to “Automatically create a new database for this installation” will result in the error message shown previously. Sometimes it may help to try the automated process again.

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