Using WordPress with Facebook, Twitter, and Social Media

Summary and (self-hosted) websites have the ability to automatically announce new posts via social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and other social media. self-hosted sits will need the JetPack plug-in.


In your Dashboard under Settings > Sharing you’ll find the various social networks you can connect to. To make the connection, first login to the service (such as Facebook or Twitter). Then, click the Connect button for the service you want to connect to. With Facebook (and Tumblr), you can choose the Page you’d like your posts to be announced on — if you choose not to have the announcements made to your personal page. When posts are published on the website, they will be announced on your connected networks.

Doing More

The posts to your website are generally going to be short announcements or longer articles, yet you won’t be posting brief comments on your website. These are more suited for Facebook or Twitter and don’t belong on the website. For many people, it’s not possible to create multiple postings per day to keep the activity going on your social media accounts. So, you’ll want to make brief comments and posts on your social networks.

Connecting Facebook to Twitter

It’s possible to connect Facebook to your Twitter account. This is very helpful because with a single comment/post on Facebook you can have that message also posted to Twitter. You can also have messages go the other direction – from Twitter to Facebook.

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