Spam Emails About Available Domain Names

When you own a domain name with certain keywords in it, you will likely get offers to buy similar domains.

I recently received an ‘offer’ via email to buy a domain name that seemed like a very premium and valuable domain. The selling price was $39, so the email caught my attention. Yet, I wouldn’t want to trust any transaction to an unknown and likely untrustworthy spammer.

Curious, I typed in the domain address to see if a website was currently at the address. It’s common for there to be a ‘parked page’ indicating the site was under construction or for sale. That’s usually what domain squatters do when hoarding domains.

However, nothing loaded. So, then I attempted to purchase the domain through my favorite hosting company. To my surprise, the domain was actually available, so I snatched it up for about 75% less than what was offered in the unsolicited email.

Presumably, these people watch when domain names become available on the market, and then try to become the registrar that unsuspecting people use — who end up paying about four times the market rate for domain registration.

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