Linking Your Facebook Pages to Twitter Accounts

Some of the content we push out through social networks originates as content on our own websites.

However, there’s a lot of rich content already existing that often gets posted (shared) on Facebook or Twitter (as a re-tweet).

Facebook makes it possible to have your Facebook posts automatically tweeted into a specific Twitter account.

However, finding the secret page to configure the connections is difficult unless you have a link to the page. 🙂

To link pages, make sure you first login to Twitter using the Twitter account for the specific page you’d like to connect. Then, click the Link to Twitter button. You’ll be authorized to approve Twitter and Facebook integration. For the page you’ve connected, you’ll need to confirm which postings (photos, links, notes, events, etc.) that you’d like announced on Twitter.

For every additional page, be sure to logout of Twitter, then login again with the appropriate account for the page.

It’s also possible to configure Twitter to post to Facebook. You’ll find the connection options under the Profile page in Twitter.

If you have multiple pages this can be really handy. It’s a quick and easy way to keep your Twitter feed busy without having to leave Facebook, and by sharing relevant Facebook posts with your Twitter followers.


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