Checklist for Setting Up an Online Business Presence for Creative Artists, Graphic Designers, Musicians, Photographers

Among people who have learned and developed creative skills, it’s sometimes challenging to convert our knowledge and experience into the fruit of financial income that can sustain the pursuit of our passion. This checklist provides some practical steps to help move people closer to establishing an infrastructure for income from creative arts.

  1. Email. Setup a Google user account using the name you’d like for your business. Make sure it’s available as a domain name so the email and website name are the same. It’s not necessary, but helpful for name recognition later. The Google name will be your Gmail address and your YouTube channel name. You can also use this for Google Calendar to embed a calendar in your website.
  2. Website. Create a website. It’s fairly easy to setup and manage. The cost is minimal or nothing. For help, and some free advice, contact Iowa City Web Design Artist, Greg Johnson.
  3. StatCounter. Setup a account and project for your new website. This will help you learn more about how people find and use your website.
  4. Facebook Account. Setup a personal Facebook page. You’ll need to create an account for this if you don’t have one already. You only need one personal Facebook account. From that you can manage multiple organization, causes, or business pages.
  5. Facebook Page. Setup an entity Facebook Page that represents your business name. Your account has a widget that makes it easy for people to click to like your page and follow news. [Click here to start…]
    1. Profile Pic. You’ll want an image of 500×500 pixels as your profile picture. Choose something that effectively communicates your purpose.
    2. Header Image. You’ll want a header image of 851×315 pixels as your Facebook header.
  6. Twitter. Setup a account. Your account can automatically post updates to the Twitter account.
  7. Paypal. Setup a PayPal account. This is good for donations and payments.
  8. Music. If you’re a musician, setup an account with and also consider selling your music through iTunesIf you’re a musician, consider getting paid to have your music appear in videos. Collaborate with other artists to create projects. You’ll also want to signup with and consider using their site builder tool to create a website presence.
  9. CafePress. Setup a account. Then, follow the instructions to create your own free CafePress shop. You can create many custom products. You will end up with a simple store like this one: You can link to items from a “products” page on your website. You can also offer to make custom products from any of your photos. It’s also nice to have products that promote your website name.
  10. Store. Become an Amazon Associate and setup an Amazon A-store for free and promote products and resources that are relevant to your site. Make revenue from sales.
  11. Shutterfly. Create a account. This makes it easy for people to purchase prints of your images. It’s similar to CafePress, but with other options.
  12. Facebook Advertising. Consider advertising with Facebook. It’s a great way to reach people who are interested in your work.
  13. Outlets. If you create anything visual, consider getting paid for images of your work to be used as graphics for website design, album covers, book covers, etc.
  14. Affordability. We all dream of the big project or big sale that will produce a month’s income or more. Yet, most income will be in smaller amounts. Think of a way to sell your creations at various price points. Such as, a photo framed in a gallery that will sell for $1000 as well as that same photo available on a coffee mug.

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