Creating an $18 Per Year Website Using WordPress


When creating an $18 per year website using WordPress, the initial step can be a little confusing for first-time users. Below is a screen snapshot showing a bit more about what your options are. Here are the steps you can use to get started.

  1. Signup Page. Go to the Signup Page shown below (click the image to enlarge).
  2. Email. Provide the primary email address you’d like to use for your site. This is how you’ll be contacted regarding the site.
  3. Username. Create a username. This is the username that will be assigned to all your posts and comments. So, create something that’s relevant to the site you are making. You can create another WordPress account and username later if you need another name for another site. Or, make this name universal enough that it will serve multiple sites.
  4. Password. Create a password.
  5. Domain Name. For Blog address, be sure to click on the drop-down menu on the right that says and choose .com $18 /year. This is what will ensure that you get an actual website domain name for $18 rather than the free blog.
  6. Create Blog. Click on the Create Blog button. It says “Free” above the button, but the actual cost will be $18 for the domain registration and hosting.
  7. Private Registration – No. The next page will ask you about private registration. It’s not necessary to pay $9 extra per year for private registration. In fact, most legitimate businesses will want to demonstrate the validity of their website by having registration information public.
  8. Payment Information. Pay for the website using your choice of payment method.
  9. Edit Site. Now you’re ready to edit the site.
  10. Additional Sites. To create additional websites just login using your username and visit the Signup page. Since you’re already logged in and have a user account, you’ll only need to enter the name/domain/address of your new website (remember to choose .com from the dropdown menu) and then give it a descriptive name.


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  1. While compared to all other website designs, WordPress is simple and easy. Without the help of designer anyone can develop WordPress site easily, also it is very cheap.With WordPress we can design any kind of websites including Business , Music , sports or small sites too.

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