– Iowa City Cedar Rapids Photographer Bashair Qasim

This past week I had the pleasure of assisting with the launch of a new photography website for Iowa City / Cedar Rapids Photographer Bashair Qasim,

As I work with people like Bashair who have exceptional artistic and visual talents, I find that I begin to feel like the one who is the student. It’s really a great learning experience and opportunity for me because I can learn from the aesthetic sense of someone who is visually gifted.

It’s funny, because as a website designer, I want to think that I’ve designed the websites I help launch. Yet, the truth is they are often the creative expression of the person I’m helping. I provide some technical expertise, yet the personal touches that make a site unique often come from the person I’m working with.

The layout and design that Bashair chose for her site are quite nice. I especially like the sunset photo she used as a background to the site.

I think of myself as a professional photographer, but I still feel that I have much to learn. It working with Bashair’s photography I was inspired to consider how I might be able to take my own photography to the next level. I really like how Bashair makes tasteful use of filters, effects, and framing that actually enhance pictures rather than detract from them.

If you need a photographer for a portrait, wedding, or special occasion, I would highly recommend Bashair Qasim.

~ Greg Johnson