Satya Bodh Ashram of India Website Design by Greg Johnson

Summary. I really enjoyed renovating the Satya Bodh Ashram website because of my interest in Yoga and also because it provided the additional challenge of making a multi-lingual website. Working with Pavan Jain in the design and construction of the new site was a joy.

Multi-Lingual Site Design. For each page of the site, we created a French version. By creating a subdirectory for the French pages, it made organizing the sub-site easier. From the top navigation menu, hovering over French produces a drop-down menu showing all the French pages.

Social Networking. I created a Facebook page for the site. Previously there had only been a single user account with “friends” rather than an official page. So, this was an improvement.

Page Headers. I had fun creating the primary page header. It’s a statue of the Buddha superimposed against a photo of clouds that I’d taken. Hindi script is written on the blue sky in white. The other pages of the site use photos that convey what the page is about. Each page has a different header.

I invite you to explore the site. Let me know if you have questions about the site design, or suggestions for improving it. Thanks!

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