WordPress: Creating a Post on Your Website

Here are the basic steps to creating a post on your WordPress website.

  1. Login to your website by going to http://YourWebsiteName.com/wp-admin/
  2. Enter your username and password.
  3. You should be at your website Dashboard after signing in.
  4. In the left column, from the Posts menu, choose New
  5. When you click on New, a new post edit page will appear as shown below.
  6. Title. Create a title for your post in the blank area below Add New Post heading.
  7. Text. Type or paste the text you’d like to use for your post.
  8. Divi Post Settings. For Page Layout, choose full width.
  9. Publish Settings. The default settings should be fine, but you can edit the Publish Immediately setting to change the publish date and time to go live in the future rather than immediately.
  10. Format. Standard is fine for most posts. If you’re posting a video, choose Video.
  11. Categories. These are general categories you can use to organize your posts. You won’t want more than a dozen of these categories for your website.
  12. Tags. These are more detailed topic keywords for your posts. They help define what the emphasis is.
  13. Featured Image. This is important because it’s the image that will automatically be displayed by Facebook, Twitter, and other services when you provide the link to this post.
  14. Page Address. The default page address will include the entire title you entered in step #6 above. By this point, the address of the page should appear as shown in the example below. Ideally, you want to keep the address short. You can click on Edit as shown to shorten it to two or three relevant words. The title will continue to be whatever you originally typed. Instead of “New Post” you’ll see the title you typed in above in step #6.



2 thoughts on “WordPress: Creating a Post on Your Website

  1. i update my 2.5.2 version divi’s theme without any backup so now my theme updated to 2.6 but the issue is that the theme is not deleting any section and any row so plz tell can i do for this.

    • The current version of Divi is 2.7.5. There were some older versions of Divi that had problems you describe. I would suggest updating to the latest version.

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