Portfolio Archive

Over time, websites change from their original design, and sites close down. So, some of these links may not work, or may go to sites that are much different than original designed. Click here for the current portfolio.


Below are some of the sites I’ve helped launch, design, maintain, and/or provide content for. In some cases these were existing sites and I’m providing some assistance to the site owner. Some of these sites I manage myself, and can take full credit for. Others I helped launch, but the content and ongoing design are transitioned to the primary owner after I trained them.

Business and Retail. The following are websites for general businesses and retail stores. Other specialty websites are listed by category below.

Causes and Organizations. These are sites setup to support causes by raising funds and/or awareness.

Coaching and Counseling. These are coaching and counseling websites.

Content Writer. My involvement is primarily as a content writer for the following websites.

Education and Academic. These are educational and academic websites.

Event and Conference. The following websites have a focus on events and conferences.

Launched & Trained. The following sites I helped launch, but after training the primary owners have taken primary responsibility for the site, so I can’t take credit for the current site content.

Medical, Wellness, and Healthcare. The following sites are for medical, wellness, and healthcare service and/or information providers.

Other. These are general interest websites.

Personal Websites. These are personal websites created for individuals to promote creative works like books or public speaking.

Photography. The following sites are photography-centric.

Restaurant and Food Services. These are some restaurant websites I helped launch or redesign.

Religious. These are some of the religious, church/ministry websites I’ve helped design.